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Examinations and Qualifications

Cambridge Assessment English

We are proud to be working in partnership with the Cambridge Authorised Platinum Exam Centre Inlingua Pesaro to offer Linguaskill Tests and Cambridge Preparation at all levels in Porto Sant’Elpidio.

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Victoria College Exams, London

The Research Diplomas are university-level certifications awarded by VCM in London, written and assessed in English. Successful candidates will receive a traditional certificate from the College which will also entitle you to append the appropriate letters after your name (DipVCM, AVCM, LVCM, FVCM) and wear the College robes.

Who are they for?
Anyone that wants to have an additional certification to enhance their CV and job prospects. The Research Diploma is written in English so it will be a perfect addition for people that want to prove their level of English through an extended piece of work.

What can I Research?
All theses have to be based on some aspect of the arts and its development and the title has to be approved in advance by the College. The themes could include:

• The history and development of a particular field of the arts (music, theatre, art, photography, dance, film). For example:
Photography: The effect of the digital revolution
• Focus on a particular exponent of any of the arts. For example:
The effect of The Beatles on popular music
• Exploring a link between the arts, or an aspect of it, in relation to its financial, economic or business development. For example:
The growth of streaming services as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic

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Focus on: Middlesex University Collaboration

We are proud to have established a collaboration with Middlesex University, London to offer an opportunity for our students to have experience of working with UK students on projects to develop their learning and development. Students from Middlesex University will mentor our students to include cultural immersion and knowledge exchange. It will provide both parties with a valuable and unique experience.